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A busy week!

We’ve had a very busy and fun week in Jay Class. We’ve been country dancing, cooking spicy tomato pasta and making amazing sock puppets! We’ve also been weighing and measuring objects in our classroom.

Our New Topic

Our topic for the upcoming term is Memory Box. We will be looking at old toys and how toys have changed over the years. Take a look at the topic web:topic overview summer 1

Stem Project

We have had lots of fun making bridges. We looked at different types of bridges, identified which were the strongest and had a go at making our own. Our bridges had to span a river in our classroom and they were all very different. The strongest bridges held more than fifty counters before they collapsed. Wow!

World Book Day and Boom Whackers!

We have had a fantastic few days in Jay Class. We enjoyed playing the boom whackers, we sounded great!

World Book Day was a huge success. The children got to visit all of the other infant classes and hear a lot of stories. They got very creative with art, music and drama. Well done to everyone for their amazing costumes and outfits.